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Urban runs

These days when I go for a run I experience sensory overload from the beauty of the urban environment surrounding my home. I feel lucky to have backdrops like these during just an ordinary run…


Part of my route takes me past the beautiful and decaying Admiral’s Row at the edge of the Navy Yard.


An uplifting message in the industrial waterfront of Dumbo.


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Glad you see you are back to blogging!

I ofter take pictures on my “Urban Runs”

Here is an example

Comment by ChickenUnderwear

Thanks. It’s fun running w/a camera although I won’t do it all the time – the picture taking interrupts the running!

Comment by Brooklyn Runner

You are so lucky! I loved New York when I visited because it seems like everywhere you go is someplace famous. It must be so awesome to have that kind of scenery!

Comment by Kalong

I agree w/you 100 percent! New York is an awesome place to live and run and it constantly awes me, even though I grew up here – I feel lucky for that every day…

Comment by Brooklyn Runner

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