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November 1, 2007, 8:27 pm
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When I moved back to New York City, much had changed about me since I lived here last. I had grown up, first of all (born in Manhattan, I was raised on Long Island, attended school in Pittsburgh, and lived in a variety of locales around the Northeast in my itinerant life as a newspaper journalist). But more importantly, I had become a runner.

I had been running casually for a long time. I was the small, skinny kid who was picked last in gym class because I couldn’t throw or catch to save my life. I could, however, run kind of fast. Among my earliest running memories are running around the block with my dad, who exhaled twice really loud for every breath. Then in college, my friends and I would run around the astroturf track for a study break at midnight. And after starting work for newspapers, I’d run to keep myself sane.

Somewhere along the way I started running races. Then I ran my first marathon. Now running is a way of life.  I run marathons, 5Ks, and everything in between. I run to hang out with friends, I run with a group, and I run alone. Running not only keeps me sane, it makes me happy too.

For me, running is a way to carve out time for yourself, to think and reflect and let go. Running is a way to be outside, to feel the sun or wind or rain on your face, to relax, to hear the trees rustling and to feel the ground under your feet. To know discipline, and experience its benefits. And aside from keeping the body healthy and strong, it’s just a great way to feel good.

Coming back to New York posed a unique challenge when I began to train for the marathon. How exactly does one run twenty consecutive miles in New York? During the four months that followed I learned all the ways I could run long without having to repeat loops in the park or run in circles (which I personally don’t think is much fun). Living in Brooklyn, of course my runs took me over the breathtakingly beautiful Brooklyn Bridge. To the rolling hills of Prospect Park. And on those interminably long training run days, up the river paths on the East or West side of Manhattan.

Along my travels, I wanted a resource that combined everything I love about New York with everything I love about running, in a way that could only exist here in this great city. And like so many others who couldn’t find exactly what they were looking for out there, I decided to create such a place myself — and this blog was born.

This is a venue for personal essays and things of that sort. I don’t claim to be the know-it-all of the running scene in Brooklyn or New York. These are just simple musings, appreciations — expressions of questions, bewilderment, awe, joy.  

Thanks for reading. Enjoy your journeys, wherever it is they might lead.