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Turkey Trot, 2008
November 25, 2008, 10:59 pm
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I would be remiss if I did not at least give a shout out for the very fabulous annual Turkey Trot in Prospect Park, hosted by Brooklyn’s own Prospect Park Track Club. The 5 mile race starts at 9 a.m. on Thanksgiving Day, this Thursday November 27. Registration the morning of is usually bearable, or go here for registration and more info.

Also, a discussion on who’s running a Turkey Trot landed in my inbox via Runner’s World this morning. Check it out here to see the discussion and add your thoughts. At the very least, running a race the morning of Thanksgiving will make for some good discussion around the dinner table, especially among the non-runners in the family.

The Turkey Trot
November 22, 2007, 11:53 pm
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Almost didn’t make it to this race — it was a lazy holiday morning, wasn’t quite prepared mentally or physically, and a stressful/ busy past couple weeks at work left me feeling a little worn down. Still, I knew I’d regret having signed up and then not doing it. So, half awake and having ingested only half a glass of water and a cup of coffee, I threw on my running clothes and made my way down to the Wollman Rink area at Prospect Park.

Aside from running out of safety pins (!) for the bibs at the start, it was a pretty well organized event. The volunteers calling split times also gave pace times as well, which was nice. There were about 700 runners registered, and hundreds showed up and registerd on the spot. It was a festive crowd. An unseasonably warm Thanksgiving Day had most people in shorts and tee shirts. A little weird for late November but hey. . . It was clear and beautiful. Literally picture perfect running through the park.

For my part, I had a terrible race. My first race since the marathon and I had done virtually no preparation. In fact had not even been running very much at all! Mostly what did me in was the lack of mental preparation. I had no plan, no goal, had not really given the race much thought until an hour before. So, started out much too fast (a sub 8-minute pace in the first mile), and after that ran exactly the opposite type of race I normally strive for: each successive mile was slower than the one before. Oh well. By mile five I didn’t even care about my time anymore. I was suffering from a side stitch that bothered me practically the whole way through; all I wanted was to just run and feel good. Managed to finish in about 43 minutes — not terrific for me, but not bad.

Still, I was, in the end, glad I did the race. Afterwards caught up with a few people from the speed training workouts, chatted about the marathons we had run this fall, and munched on hot chocolate and bagels. The race folks had unofficial results posted by the time I had made my way over to the food tent — quite impressive (although unfortunately I don’t see results up on the web yet).

There were finisher medals for everyone. I usually don’t get a kick out of finisher medals but these were fun — brown fabric with “Turkey Trot 2007” in yellow, and a festive turkey on the medallion. Apparently they ran out and didn’t have enough for people who were finishing later. I gave mine away to someone who didn’t get one; as I was leaving the park, though, a guy was standing by the exit with a fresh box of medals, handing them out to anyone who didn’t get one.

We also got a nice black messenger bag with the Turkey Trot logo on it. Not a bad take for my 12 bucks and 5 miles. . .

A few other noteworthy observations: Top finishers from Brooklyn, Washington, DC, Texas and Rhode Island; a guy running the race with a double stroller (and smoking past most people for that matter); an entire family with race bibs on, small children and all.